Family Tree Application Features

How Family Tree works?

Family Members

  • View and Add your family members
  • Get all Your family members details
  • Search the family members
  • Tap Invite family member. Type the email address or phone number of the person you want to invite.
  • Tap Send. You'll get an email notification when they join your family.
  • Swipe down for parents details and swipe up for children details.

View Details

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of Apni Family Tree.
  • Click Family Members tab to view your family members.
  • Gathering old family history and records
  • Viewing the Ancestor or Descendent list
  • You can also update your social media platform links
  • Click Contact tab to view your Contact Details.
  • click on the family it will display all of your Family Members

Add family members

  • Tap Add Family Member to add family members by your own
  • Enter your family member's Details
  • You can also update the family information by clicking edit

Search Family Members

  • Search By Family Members Name
  • You Can Find Public Posts Connected to a Specific Link

Family members details

  • View the family member list
  • Tap the appropriate link to add a spouse, child, or parent for the person.
  • Tap the particular family member it displays the family details