10 Best Online Family Tree Builders App And Software

10 Best Online Family Tree Builders App And Software

The best family tree app makers will help you create an easy visual representation of your family's past. When you are looking for the best family tree maker for your app needs, you should consider exactly what you intend to do with your family tree. You should also consider how large it is going to be and what features you will need. Some family tree apps allow you to display more information, and thus, pull through data more accurately from the GEDCOM files. Other family tree apps are more concerned with making your family tree look as visually pleasing as possible. But the latter one may skip out on some of the more detailed information and hence, you should first decide what your priority is.

Some family tree builders app will impeccably integrate with your research tools. They will allow you to create and discover new information in the same app. Many of the family tree app makers will sense check information as you go, offering notes as well as warnings where they think you might have entered historically inaccurate or wrong information.


1. Apni Family Tree

Apni Family Tree is the best family app that will provide you a wide variety of research activities with integrated online tools. It will help you create a great family tree chart, upload all the family members' details, and even share images with them. If you check out the genealogy app by Apni Family Tree then you will literally be stunned to know its cool and easy-to-use features. It is undoubtedly one of the top genealogy sites with on the go features. It is totally free and can be used across multiple devices such as iOS and Android versions. The Apni Family Tree app has most of the things that you would be looking for so we recommend that you download the app and we are sure you won't regret using it. 

2. My Heritage: Family Tree

My Heritage Family Tree app has a few family tree products including their free online family tree builder which provides you with free online family tree search capabilities. There are also tutorials available on how to make your tree and billions of international, searchable genealogy records discover your ancestors. Apart from the family tree tool, My Heritage also offers a paid version of a family tree builder that you can download to your computer or mobile. 

3. Ancestry: Online Family Tree provided a stunning app that makes it even easier to discover your family’s past. You simply need to enter the facts that you know about yourself and your family to begin with. With over 12 billion historical records in their database, you can be sure to discover some interesting family stories as well as ancestors to add to your tree. 

4. Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now offers a free online family tree building experience to one and all. With one of the largest collections of the genealogy records including census records, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records and military records, you can be sure to find some long lost ancestors with the help of search feature. The best part about this Family Tree Builders Software is that you will never be charged fees for the features such as searching, viewing details or filling in your tree. 

5. Crestleaf Family Tree and Timeline

Crestleaf Family Tree and Timeline is an online family tree collaboration tool to document your family history. With millions of family records in the United States alone, this app company is a leading provider of free genealogy information and records. Our team feels that there is a story trapped on the other side of every family photo. Crestleaf online family tree builder helps to preserve your family memories, information all other important details digitally in a chronological order for lifetime that you can access from anywhere and anytime. 

6. Findmypast: Family Tree

With the Findmypast online family tree builder app, you can easily build a family tree om your own and access it anywhere. Apart from the benefit of digitally preserving your family history research, Findmypast app offers you accurate ancestor search results and all thanks to their genealogical society partners. The search filters are very nice as they narrow your ancestor search results to save your valuable time and energy. 

7. Family Historian

If your main reason for doing genealogy is recording and telling your family's story, then Family Historian is the perfect family tree software app. It will import perfectly accurate data from the GEDCOM files that makes it quite easy to incorporate data collected by other family members. Also, its interface is really easy and pleasant to use. Its scrap booking tools are effective and easy to find too. In addition to that, Family Historian’s integration with online databases makes it even more of a powerful genealogy tool. 

8. FamilySearch

If you want to put together a basic and simple family tree, and you do not want to do any extra research, then FamilySearch is a really good option. It is free to sign up and you do not even need to give away too much information when you first get there. Hence, it is ideal for anyone who is curious about genealogy but doesn't want to research much. You can build a basic family tree on this app, and while it does not look all that fancy, you will surely get a good sense of how the branches flow and how your family is being structured.

9. Family Persuit

Family Persuit is an online family tree builder and genealogy service which allows you to coordinate family research with other family members. With the help of this app, you can easily design an online family tree by entering family data and photos for absolutely free. 

10. Tribal Pages: Free Family Tree Maker

Tribal Pages is an online family tree creator that is secure as well as private. You can build your family tree online and invite only your close ones or family members to view and update the tree. 


We hope that you found this article of Family Tree Builders App useful and now you can choose any Family Tree App according to your requirements. In any way, our Apni Family Tree app has been preferred by many people till date and they all have been really happy with its use ever since. Go, download the app, and get started with your family tree.