7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Genealogist

7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Genealogist

“History is the essence of innumerable biographies.” – Thomas Carlyle

Great people have created history, and probably you belong to the lineage of one or the other of these great people. Or maybe not. And while the great people are remembered by history; Genealogy is the study that remembers everyone. Genealogy is the study that traces the lines of descendants in human beings. While this study may not mean too much to some; I believe that we all have this innate need to trace their lineages, to understand where we come from. After all, we need to look back to learn from our past and decide on our future. 

While discovering your lineage for yourselves is a very personal experience that you may want to experience yourselves; the whole process involves a lot of undertakings such as discovering ancestries, documents deciphering and translation, records searching, testing for DNA, etc. This is going to require large resources, proper connections, networks, persistence, and proper knowledge of the approach this is where comes the need of hiring a professional Genealogy service. 

Are you not yet convinced? Well, below is our list of why you need a professional at your service.

7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Genealogist:

  1. To Join A Lineage Society: We are discussing lineage societies here because they work as great lucrative for people to find their genealogy. Today there are exclusive lineage societies that provide membership to those belonging to a certain lineage. However, these societies require proofs denoting that they belong to a specific individual/group’s lineage. Simple research is not enough, and documentation proving the claim becomes necessary. A Professional Genealogist will efficiently get this work done so that you can proudly claim to be a descendant of a historic individual.

  2. Professional Team Outlook: When it comes to Genealogy, there is combing through a lot of documents, etc. to find very small things. This makes for higher chances of getting stuck. At times like this, you will require some new insights or fresh inputs on what you are doing. Having a fresh professional approach with a team of experts will be helpful here. This way, there’ll be inputs from numerous people who have all the necessary knowledge and skills.

  3. Obstacles/ Brickwalls: When you start working on genealogy, there is a big possibility of you arriving at a dead-end of the line. This obstacle or brick-wall needs to be broken down, which can only be done by a professional who has the skills and expertise which will get you past the brick-wall and are experienced in genealogical problem-solving. As overcoming such obstacles requires a lot of sources, researches, records, etc. which are not always available online; you’ll require the interference of professionals who have access to all such information.

  4. Incomprehensible Language/ Script: While you are tracing your lineage, you may have accordingly fond all the necessary documents. It is possible that at some point your ancestors may have moved countries. So, the documents you trace and find maybe in some unknown language to you, or they may be handwritten and are undecipherable. In any case, Genealogist professional knowledge and are an expert in deciphering such documents. 

  5. DNA Analysis: DNA has made many things easy in the study of lineages. Today with improved science and technology, genealogists are more and more dependent on DNA Analysis. While you as an individual or group may find the documents, etc. while working on your genealogy, DNA testing and analysis is the part where you may need professional intervention. There are different types of DNA testings for different problems, and which one will suit your need will require advice from DNA specialists. As professionals in the genealogy field, Apni Family Tree has its team including DNA specialists. This makes for a strong reason to hire a professional.

  6. Lack Of Time: Yup, this may sound pretty basic,  but this just might be the reason most of you would prefer to hire a professional for finding out your genealogy. Tracing one’s Ancestory is not an easy feat, it’ll take a lot of time and dedication. You’ll require primary source documents that confirm the information of your ancestors. For this, you’ll have to comb numerous libraries, go through several historical documents, cross-reference the tax records, sometimes even travel to another country, etc. All this is done in search of even the smallest clue or information. Undoubtedly, this is going to consume a lot of your time, energy, and of course resources too. Thus, hiring an expert genealogist can be more preferred.

  7. Validation Of Personal Research: You yourselves may carry out your research and trace your ancestry. Take all the time and effort and find all the documents too. You even understand what the documents obtained mean and find your lineage. Still, it will not be a completely professional approach or even maybe you won’t have all the proofs showing your lineage. Hiring a professional Genealogist will help you validate your research.

So, this is our list of seven different reasons due to which you will require to Hire a Professional Genealogist. Of course, there are several online generators wherein you put in the information and your family tree is generated. However, a genealogy without any documental proofs will merely be like mythology, which you may tell your next generation about, but will have no proof for. So, at Apni Family Tree we invite those who wish to invest in their history to join us and proudly find your ascents.