How To Trace Your Family Tree

How To Trace Your Family Tree

Do you ever think about where you came from? Who are your ancestors and where did they originate from? In the age of the internet, it is not easy to trace your family tree. In your mind, there will be many questions, “what is the need for tracing family trees?” Well, there are several valid reasons, but let’s face it, most people trace their ancestors to know about their own history. While others trace their ancestors because they want to know more about their different ethnic backgrounds. Some people need to trace their roots simply for an increased understanding of just who they are and where they exactly came from. 

Why You Need To Trace The Family Tree

Tracing your family tree should not be considered a complex task. Do not think it is easy. There are many top reasons why you need to research your roots, but whatever your reasons are you will find it interesting as time flies. 

When you look back, everyone’s family background has many twists and turns. You may all use the same ways to unravel or finish the puzzle but no one can know where your research will take you to the next level and how long it takes. 

How long back can you go with your family tree? This mostly depends on your persistence and on your luck. A family tree is a graphical representation of a person's lineage, tracing relationships to common ancestors.  If you have enough information on how your family survived through the years, Then you can easily fill up the family tree branches. The family tree chart is almost similar to an org chart, this figure is normally presented in a tree structure starting with one individual as the root. From roots, the lines representing branches terminate in boxes representing leaves. Each leaf denotes individual family members with information including marriage, death, and birth dates. 

How To Trace Your Family Tree

Some people may only be able to find up to six or seven generations. This doesn’t represent that your project is a failure. At times records will have been destroyed and then you should be satisfied with what you have. Some people need to go back to their first immigrant ancestor and this is possible. You will use the same way to research but naturally what is available. Tracing your family tree is a time-consuming hobby but it is worth the search. In this article, we are going to see in detail the steps you need to follow to trace your family tree. 

Get Organized

The beginning time period of your search will bring many benefits for you. It is the easiest way to get to know about close relatives. Before starting your search, choose an online genealogical database to save and organize everything you find in the search. 

Treasure Hunt At Home

Most valuable clues lie within your home. Do a search hint in the attic, basement, drawers, and every nook and corner of your home. In the above-mentioned places, you can easily find photos, documents, and personal correspondence of your ancestors. 

Talk With Your Elders

Speaking with your older relatives can help you to know more about your family background and history. Take an interview with your elders and record the interactive session. Speak to your parents, grandparents, and other elders in your families. Get to know about the basic information including full names, birthplace, ethnic background, addresses of family homes, and your ancestor’s occupations.

Get A DNA Test

When going for a DNA testing service specifically for ancestry research, choose the one with a large database of people tested, as well as free DNA sample storage, and online support. 

Be Social

Use social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to connect with people who share your ancestral surnames, search for local organizations, public libraries, and archives.


In conclusion, traveling to the place where your ancestors came from will be the prize for all of your hectic hard work. Open to whatever you discover and maintain consistency till you achieve the end results. You can use the apni family tree app to trace your family tree and know about your ancestor’s history.